Scam or fraud:Reliance Fresh — Offer Item not given as per the offer and Rude behaviour

Submitted by:  suvra saurav

Complaint Details:
Reliance Fresh Mico Layout Bangalore.
Date : 20 Dec 2016

Please find the attached images.

As per the photo 1, jpg, there was an offer stating on the rack of Sunsilk Shampoo’s. With Sunsilk Shampoo 340ml (Mrp 195) there is a free sunsilk shampoo of 80 ml.
I picked a Sunsilk shampoo 340 ml and verified its Mrp as 195. Please check the photo 2.jpg and 3, jpg.

Before putting into my shopping cart even I confirmed with a Reliance Fresh Executive lady, she called her supervisor and finally they confirmed me, that there is an offer with that shampoo pack.

However to my surprise during billing the cashier said there is no offer with this pack.

He argued with me. I asked him to call the executive who confirmed me earlier and the manager of the store.

The executive avoided and someone came claiming to be the store manager.

He was very rude in is behaviour without even listening to what I want to state. He said the offer is with the shampoo pack of Mrp 195 onwards.
Surprisingly according to him onwards include both above and below Rs 195. As per him Rs 180 also comes in onwards 195
I stop arguing with him after listening his senseless arguments.
I had almost wasted 30 mins in the counter so just got the shampoo pack without the offer and left the store.

However i want to make a point its not the first time i am facing this issue. Earlier too i had faced similar issues with the store. The free items or the offer items were not given and i had to argue with the store manager.

I want to escalate the issue this time and make sure i get the offer and strict action is taken against the store. So that they learn how to interact with the customers politely