Scam or fraud: India Post — registered letter # rl017864592in sent on 21/11/2018 returned to me on 30/11/’18 stating no reason- un delivered registered letter

Submitted by: kabeer/sivendran

Complaint Details:

Upon tracking the status, it has reached up to Basant Nagar PO. PIN 600019 (corrected as 600090 by the PO). Recipients Mobile No. [protected] & Res: No.[protected] was mentioned on envelope

Content of the letter is serious to take to the court of law, requested to conduct an enquiry & advise the reason why it was returned stating the reason. No reason told by the postal person and simply delivered the mail. Is it because of confusion of address (Mobile number was on the envelope) or the recipient refused to accept it. Need to know where was the failure of the respective postal person ?

Request for urgent intervention

A.Ahamad Kabeer – (Nominee of sender G.Sivendran[protected]