Scam or fraud: Tata Motors — scratch and win gift during my car purchase

Submitted by:  Rajesh Runku

Complaint Details:
I bought tiago xz petrol car from shiv sankar motors, visakhapatnam in the month of june 2018…i got a micro wave woven during the scratch and win aashaadam sale offer which was existing at that time…now tata representatives giving me a back pack instead of woven…i think this is nothing but cheating ur customers…i want to take this issue seriously…kindly update in this

Scam or fraud: HappyDeal18 — inferior product delivery.and no response to phone no provided.

Submitted by: Chhaya Bendre

Complaint Details:

Ref order no.HDO[protected]

I ordered three Lehenga cholis from this site .As a regular practice I paid COD and opened the parcel.The products are no where close to the images provided by HappyDeal18 .They are of much inferior quality.Moreover they don’t even respond to your mail .
I sent them a mail requesting return and refund.But there is no response.

Scam or fraud: Kurukshetra University — revaluation process, dmc

Submitted by:  RamanDeep04

Complaint Details:

It is stated that i was a student of dayanand mahila mahavidyalya, kurukshetra which is affiliated from kurukshetra university and i passed out in 2018 after completing my graduation (B. A) without any re-appears.

I was not satisfied with my scores that i got in semester 5 and 6, so i filled the revaluation for both of the semesters. I have got the receipt for the semester 5th which was dated on 21-05-18, book no. 714, rt. No.92, the result of the semester 5th came out long ago (Almost 6 months) but my dmc hasn’t arrived yet.

Moreover, in the case of 6th semester dmc which was dated on 18-07-18, book no. 137, rt. No. 82, no result has been announced yet, it’s been almost 4 months. Furthermore, if the result of 6th semester is not going to be announced soon, i want my original dmc back without any revaluation since i cannot wait for it more longer.

The problem is, that the process is making me wait for too long and because i have applied in a university abroad, i need my 5th and 6th semester dmcs as getting dmcs for the admission process is extremely important. I need to submit my DMCs as fast as I can. I have already submitted my fees in university abroad and i cannot wait any longer. So. I request you to resolve my problem otherwise Kurukshetra University will be responsible for this.

Roll no. 5344921


Scam or fraud: Smashing Commerce — ultra-sonic mosquito, rat, and pest repellent for rs.480. received on 13/08/18 wide my order #gc7c7abbwa

Submitted by: Siddhant Wadhwa

Complaint Details:

This pest repellent produces a very irritating sound similar to crickets which is so noisy that in a few seconds, it gives me headaches, nausea and dizziness and I have to turn it off. My doctor has also advised me not to use it to avoid that sickening feeling. So I have hardly used it for 2 days. Where as in their ad they had claimed that it’s sound frequency/decible is so low that it can only be sensed by pests and is not at all audible by humans and even children can sleep peacefully without any disturbance

I informed them about the problem I was facing but ignoring my health concerns they advised me to keep using it for 60 days to get used to it and if still the problem persisted they would return my money as they have customer satisfaction policy in their company.

Therefore I request you to.kindly.arrange something that I can return it to them and get my ₹480/- back.

Their Call Support number is:[protected] — Monday to Saturday (9:00 am – 6:00 pm) which means they are in Sector 31, Distt. Chandigarh, Punjab India.

Their email ID for customer support is
And I have conveyed my problem to.
Naveen Kumar, Rohit Kumar & Gurmanjot Kaur on this email Id

Ankita Wadhwa, ‘Customer Success Manager’ also communicated through this emails before delivery and gave her directl number in case of any problem +91-[protected] but she never picks up the phone.

Scam or fraud: Hdfc Bank — one assist wallet

Submitted by:  Rajs9222

Complaint Details:


Without informing me HDFC one assist (wallet) has been renewed (for the 2nd year) with Rs. 1899/- debited from my credit card.
I request you to cancel the renewal of HDFC One assist (wallet).
Already the same complaint has been raised through phone banking on Sep/18, Oct/18 & 23/Nov/18.
Kindly update with reversal of this amount to my credit card.

Your executives are saying an amount of Rs. 900/- was credited to my account, but i checked in my credit card statement no amount was credited at the month of Sep/18, Oct/18 & Nov/18

At the time of availing no one informed me that this is a auto renewal.
I have the recorded voice call with your executives.
If the plan is not getting cancelled i am going to take legal action against your firm.

Dhanraj R S


Scam or fraud: Flipkart — order not delivered and wrong reasons provided

Submitted by: Nadeem Wani

Complaint Details:
Hi team,
I want to escalate an issue regarding d order for diapers that i had placed and should have been delivered to me by thursday…spoke to many advisers n supervisors but to no avail n without resolution and obviously facing d worst experience with flipkart…
The problem lies with ur logistic partner ekart which didnt make any attempt to deliver d order to me n called me stating i need to pick it up by myself which is completely wrong and unjustifeied…
Secondly i came to know after speaking to several advisors n floor supervisors that they cant do anything n d order will go back to d seller without my fault whatsoever…
I was made to waste several days in anticipation of d order getting delivered to me but to no avail…
It was d worst experience of my life n as it was related to my children so it was something unthought of n unaccepted n unexpected…
I need clarification n reason as to y d product didnt get delivered to me till now n y it cant b…
Nadeem wani

Scam or fraud: Kapil Chit Funds — bid offer form not showing and minutes book running wish basis

Submitted by: indorajesh2000

Complaint Details:

In Bhongir Branch Kapil ChitFund (Neaer to Area Hospital ), as i am chit member, at the time of participation in chit Bid, if i ask Chit Offer if ask they were not showing offer form and raising words on me, we dont have any rights to show the offer form to chit member, as they wish making enteries into minutes Books.

if they shown also signature not validating with Documents. Even if i ask also manager is not showing the minutes book, As the wish basis they were running the Chitfund, Even the registar is also not existing in Bhongir, if i ask the details of Nalgonda Registar address they were not telling ..

Dont know any form or else these type of problems will reach out to registar and will take care of those things.. it my humbel request to all of them, dont participation of chits with kapil, paying GST + CHIT registration charges and Document charges +all put to gether leaving Bank recaring deposit will get more benfits.

one more thing, when we lift the chit we have to give the security to rest of the amounts, where as the number of installments if we pays who is gurentee, if they company lifts governamnt cases will take years ..unnesasary risks we are going to take care.


Scam or fraud: Bombay Hospital — surcharge levied by bombay hospital

Submitted by: Abhi Jain01

Complaint Details:

My father was admitted to Bombay Hospital and to my surprise the Hospital has levied a surcharge of Rs. 72, 922.

I have disputed this charge with the Accounts and the only explanation they gave me was by handing over a certificate which does not mention anything substantial !

Could some please guide me how I can go about complaining this malpractice of the hospital and get my surcharge refunded.

Thanks in advance.

Scam or fraud: GVMC — drainage over flow and water supply

Submitted by: Rb3107

Complaint Details:

Hello Team,

This is the Nth time am raising a complaint about poor drainage system and inadequate water supply in our Area. Not sure who else to approach even the complaints raised in Swatch App doesn’t work. Do let us know a channel to approach as even calls or watspp are not working.

Hoping for a positive reponse.
Rahul Beera
91 [protected]

Scam or fraud: Vodafone India — disconnection of my number

Submitted by: Arjunsolo88

Complaint Details:

I have a Corporate User Group number in Hyderabad that i am using since last 2.5 years and they have been consistently disconnecting my number on bill due amount of 1400 which has already been settled for and for which i have complete mail trails with me. i had previously had 5 numbers of theirs for which the bill mount was settled and hence forth 4 numbers were disconnected except one number that i have been using. they come back to the same thing after every couple of months that i have not paid the bill even though i have and bar my number.

i need your help in resolving the same and get the number activated, plus compensation for business loss that i have been facing over the time period.