Scam or fraud: Zoom Car — cycle no 3200117 unable to end the trip, excess amount, deducted need refund

Submitted by: atuljhariya

Complaint Details:

Hi, i have used Cycle no. 3200117 for around 12 mins on 23 October at 4.53 PM . I went to Cycle station and locked the cycle after using it and I tried ending trip but it didn’t end. And the meter was going on. After around 2 hr 30 mins I got the message that we have found your cycle locked at station and we have ended the trip for you.
In their app they have mentioned that if the cycle is locked on the station the trip will automatically end in 10 mins. But in this case it took 2 and half hour.
could you please help me return excess ammout deducted. Ivae only used the cycle for 12 mins.
I have tried raising request on the app but I didn’t find anything relevant. No email not phone number to contact. It’s very pathetic and frustrating they are using application which have several bugs. Almost all the people are facing the same issues but there is no one to contact.
Please help me return my money. And instead of returning the money they are sending the message for the remaining ammount. And because of this I am not able to use the subscription which I have taken for a month. I want compensation in the subscription also.
Atul Jhariya