Scam or fraud: Xiaomi India — mi ai service

Submitted by: abhiverma1305

Complaint Details:


I have given my MIAI for service as it was having some software issues like
1. wiki was not connecting properly.
2. Profile modes were changed automatically by it self.
3. Battery charge gets reduced abruptly.
4. Network coverage was not correct

These all were small issues that I was having in my phone as per software part, so I decided to try the MIAI service center because my phone is under company insurance till july 2018 end.
But when I got the call from service center they told me that the phone has critical issues like.
1. Phone was dropped in water (never happened).
2. Mother board needs to be changed.
3. they are costing me rs.9000/- for all this.

I told them it can not be true I was facing little problems so I gave it to make the corrections, but they told me some thing unexpected in return that the issues are caused by me (on time of handing over the phone it was fine and working ok ok)
but after I got form service center it is such a bad condition.

it is a very unprofessional behavior, I am very disappointed and not able to understand weather the service centers are for the customers benefits or for luting (causing the customer with worst case)

I need my complained to be set on high priority and please make my case to be judged fairly with truthful judgement.

I believed in MI and I do not wish to withdraw its name from my good book,

please do the correct things I expect a mail or by any other medium the response from MI for this case.

MI User