Scam or fraud: Wisdomjobs — cheating money fake calls

Submitted by: Shreekanth123

Complaint Details:

My name is shrikanth, few months back I created profile in wisdom jobs, after a few weeks representatives from wisdom job called me and said if u pay 1100 rupees we will forward your resume to recruiters and I agreed and paid.

After this wisdom job representatives again called me and said that PNB bank has been shortlisted your profile and asked a caution deposit of 6500 and it is refundable and I believed this and deposited even after almost 2 months I didn’t get any update, even I contacted wisdom job representative but they said we are working on this

And meantime with my friend referral I got one job offer, hence I contacted again them asked for refund and they started saying that it is not refundable and now I am struggling as I paid 6500 amount by pledging my mother gold.

If they don’t refund really I will give police complent and legal fight.