Scam or fraud: Whirlpool India — pathetic after sales service experience

Submitted by: bhavesh486

Complaint Details:

I have purchase your product washing machine (Model NO: 31113) on dated 15/08/2018 as the name suggested “Whirlpool-The brand in washing machine”

Earlier I have heard the abnormal voice and I have register the complaint regarding machine is not working properly at customer complaint care. The service executive was arrived (dated 01/02/2017) and suggested to replace gear box for not functioning well as it might be broken. The same was replaced in warranty. He also suggested to put water filter at input water (so in future the same problem can not arise) to washing machine as incoming water might be hard. The same was put with the additional cost of (Rs 1900/-) at the same instant.

Yesterday (i.e 17/06/2018) I experience the abnormal sound once again and I just stop washing machine. I have register the complaint about the same. Today the same service executive has arrived and the statement was also same that your gear box has broken and you need to replace the same with additional cost of 4000/- Rs because your machine is not in warranty. He is claiming that your machine was might be overloaded. The statement was not correct as our machine runs in “Low” always. He also claiming that your machine was might be not balanced. The statement was also not justify as after repairing on 01/02/2017, we have not shifted the machine. The machine was only touched while need to load the cloths.

Now I am surprise that the product like whirlpool, how the gear box can be failed in 1.4 yrs once again? Also I am very surprise with your service assistance as local service assistance strait away told that you have not taken a extended warranty so you need to pay 4000/- Rs. We cannot help in this further.

Now how can I expect that without extended warranty after replacement of gear box (cost of Rs 4000/-) will survive for next 6 months (with the case of genuine part). Also one question arise here, how can I prefer the whirlpool product next time purchase or suggest to purchase to family relatives or friends? So extended warranty is the only solution, I dosen’t understand.

Bhavesh Vyas