Scam or fraud: Volkswagen India — Complaint because of your finance department

Submitted by:  minet

Complaint Details:
I bought polo on loan..all instalments fill on time..last installment by neft..but deparment said your last check couldnt be cash because you can fill it to neft…pls check that..ownr name gurdeep kaur.pb10AE 2028..last check clear no.645173 clear on date 23/12/16. Neft date INBNO. IRB7157965…11018rs.20/11/16.

UTRNO. thing more last instalment was 11017 rs..i did through neft 11018 from account of jagveer singh..again they clear cheque of amount of 12175 usual amount of other equal amount instalment..pls clear this issue as soon as…otherwise i may dis this by court…