Scam or fraud: Vodafone India — Sim card deactivated without informing

Submitted by:  mayuri saxena

Complaint Details:
I got a Vodafone number registered on my cousin’s name around 6 years back. I have been using this number for 6 years, and they have deactivated this number without notifying me for non usage. I was in Singapore for last 5 months and was receiving messages on this number till 25th November. The number suddenly got deactivated on 26th November. Now, when I came to india I have been visiting the Vodafone store for solving this issue but they keep saying that call the person on whose name this number was registered but my cousin is also in Singapore. So it’s not possible for me to call him to india to reactivate this number. I have been very disappointed with Vodafone for troubling me so much after 6yrs of association.