Scam or fraud: Videocon DTH – No response on multiple complaints.

Submitted by: Kalpana V

Complaint Details:
we have been using videocon DTH (Num:176618064) and the service was unavailable from Dec 12th

We have contacted your customer service from Dec 18th. And they told service person will be coming to our home within 2 to 5 days.

But no one truned out. We were calling continously and getting reply as people will come in 8 hours But still no one turned up after 16 days.

Also call back was arranged Dint get any call. Heard from your customer service that the complaint was closed since we responded via call. Till now we dint get any call from you people without that

How you close the case. Why this much process holes and flaws from a reputed company.??

I was completely dissatidfied with your customer service. whenever we call we were put on hold for more than 45 to 80 mins to speak with supervisors. We were paying for all calls since it is paid service.

Even waiting for so long period we only only get wrong commitments and they cut the call in between.

We have tried multiple number of times to nodal office number either we busy or no one will pick the call. I dint expect this from a 5 Billion enterprise company.

Finally my ask is When will people resolve our connection issue? Who will come and resolve.