Scam or fraud: Venkataeswara Hospitals — delayed response in treatment

Submitted by:  Harmindersembi

Complaint Details:

Dear Sir/Madam
My mother was brought to the emergency department of Venkateswara Hospital Dwarka sector.18A New Delhi on 20/10/18 as she incurred injury due to falling at home, on examination we were told that she had her hip joint fractured and bipolar hemiarthroplasty was advised by Dr. R K Pandey . We admitted her in the hospital same day and operation date provided to us was 22/10/18 but on the day of operation hospital administration directed Dr R K Pandey to attend OPD instead of performing pre planned operation on questioning this delay and unprofessional attitude of the hospital and making rounds pillar to post from guest relationship to administer Dr Rajiv Malhotra office we were made to wait and as I’m typing this complain we are still clueless about the final time for the operation.My concern is that is it not causing risk to the well-being of the patient and quality of service provided to the patient if a doctor who has to perform the operation is make to attend enormous patients in OPD and also made to operate these type of serious surgeries his performance will surely affected.
This is like playing with the health of the patient.
Action must be taken towards authorities of the Venkateswara Hospital.