Scam or fraud: Unprofessional Process Team

Submitted by: Swati Jeevan

Complaint Details:

I am very disappointed with the services of Opulentus. One of my friends recommended me this company. I called to them. They appointed one sales person from the Hyderabad office. I sent my resume and based upon your company people suggested me to go for Australian PR. I already told them I am a lecturer in Malaysia and I already checked with other consultants I am not eligible for teaching in colleges because I have done my masters only. Everything started since 13th July 2016….Then company did IRR I paid Rs 1000 and they gave me the positive result with Vocational Education Teacher (Non -Trades) and asked me to upload all the documents with payment Rs 40 000 and start the process. Then they took more than one month only for documents process. It was too hectic and poor service they provided. Every time a new person was calling me. During that time they said you are not eligible for Vocational Education Teacher (Non-Trades) you must go for Training and development. I don’t understand that they are even confused how to suggest the best option. So far I get convinced and I said ok proceed with it. Then on 24th August 2016 I paid to vetasses advisory and according to them I don’t qualify. Now I am getting calls to go for Canada. • I have a few questions what type of experts they have they don’t know what is right for customer or not? • They always told me that we have many customers so be patient with your process. Did I tell them to take too many customers if they cannot handle them? • After three months they are telling me to change the whole process. Do you have any one’s time value? • If you do not know anything then why should I hire a consultant? I thought the consultants would help. However seriously too inexperienced people you have. I will never recommend to my friends in Malaysia who were looking for consultants. •

Then I asked that how can I believe your company kindly refund my money. Luckily I did half payment. After six months of this all hassle now today they sent me your money is not refundable the reason that I didn’t pay the whole fee.


I would highly recommend please don’t believe in this company they all are untrained people. They don’t know how to guide people.