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Hi Team

Apple service dealer in Cyber city, Gurgaon has misguided and not technically rectified my phone. The phone was submitted in a good condition under warranty, they were supposed to replace the phone. But they haven’t done anything on my phone they have formatted all the important official mail data and all the applications. Vishesh Yadav attended me in that store, he was so casual on his approach, firstly he was not willing to rectify the phone, also when I went to collect my phone they have deleted all my data and saying it is not their responsibility. I have been facing a issue where the phone hangs, switches off and the speaker doesn’t work, apple guarantees to replace all phones in warranty but the service dealer is not doing the same.

contact details for UNICORN 01244957283

complaint id for apple service 100096813481 on toll free 0008001009009

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