Scam or fraud: Uber India — trip cancelled and charged with cancellation fee even after my trip took place and I paid the driver

Submitted by: Medha Kanaparthy

Complaint Details:
I had booked a cab on 21st sept friday at 6.00 am to go to the airport in Bangalore. my driver arrived right on time and drove me to the airport and collected the fee of 900 rupees. i see a notification in exactly 20 mins of my driver having cancelled the trip and me being charged of 45 rupees as cancellation fee. I have complained on the app as well but they seem to be giving no replies. i am a college student and paying 45 rupees extra for trips is A BIG DEAL for me. I am going to wait for another 24 hours for someone to get back and then probably resort to a next level of severity for action against uber for the same