Scam or fraud: TV9 Kannada — Regarding certificates and der injustice

Submitted by:  Laxmi24

Complaint Details:
Regarding certificates and der injustice
Urgent issue…
Please consider this case..
Karnataka veterinary university
University people are making post graduation course very late… and thesis correction is becuming very late amd dey are not issuing certificate to us even after 4 months please telecast this in ur channel not only this dey have established the University in bidar and every thing has to b sent in post which delays for many days… and also this year dey hav missed many thesis… dis year.. deg wont answer anything properly if we students call this academic unit people wont to do any work just chit chating nly… this registrar and vice chancellor all ppl will die in bangalore nly all da time and wont be at bidar for the certificates to be signed will be lying over der tabless. students are facing many problems dey are unable to join phd wid out certificate and also job.. please tele cast dis in ur channel…
And one morw issue ladies hostel.warden will harrase the girls by charging unnecessary fines and he follows his own rules… please telecast dat a meeting in the absence of warden shud b conducted so all the girls will tell about his nonsense wid out fear… he will roam in the hstl in the corridors wid out giving any privacy to girls even male workers also.roam allover hstl.. but parents shud not stand infront of the gate also.. hus name is munne gowda and the stupid lady warden never cums to the find out the problem… due to gas leakage many girls fainted and were admitted in the hospital but because the warden has warned dose girls not to tell.anything to police dey hav shut der mouth.. not nly this workers will store old food n mix in next days food… der are many problems in this University