Scam or fraud: Tradesmen Job Recruiter Mumbai — company offering job in malta as surveyor

Submitted by:  Yugesh Madhavan

Complaint Details:

Do anyone know about this consultancy?
I have got call from this company and they arranged Skype interview with client in malta as well.
After interview i got call from them and said i got selected and offer letter will come soon.. till that they told me to forward all documents including all pages of passport and seamen book ( CDC), make Europass CV.
Now consultancy telling like they got offer letter.. i have to come down to Mumbai for signing offer letter and that time i must pay 50, 000rs for further processing. Balance amount 1 lakh, pay after getting visa and ticket to malta. Till that i have to surrender my passport and certificate there
I asked them to send me offer letter through mail, they are not accepting for that, telling like that is against their company policy.
Please let me know if anyone have any idea about this consultancy.