Scam or fraud: Tikona — Misleading the, customer false information and promises

Submitted by: divesh_chadha

Complaint Details:
This is Aniket Gupta, I’m from Indore and I’ve been using Tikona Broadband Internet Connection For almost a year, my consumer ID is 1114326083.
I receive my bill on 7th of every month and the last day to pay the bill is around 22nd of that month. Which I’ve been abiding by every month.

Now I had to go to my hometown for three months, and I decided to drop the connection permanently as it didn’t make any sense to pay rs.1495(my bill each month for about 120gb/month) for 3 months without even using it.

Then through a friend of mine I came to know that there is a provision for keeping the connection on hold on request.

So I called the tikona customer care and asked them regarding the holding of connection and they told me that upto 3 months of hold is allowed.

So I had to leave on 6 th of July for 3 months and also since every 7 th a new bill gets generated so It was wise to put on hold on 6th only since on th the new bill was to get generated.

I called the customercare and asked them again regarding the holding period and the person told me that upto 3 months of hold will be allowed and since I was going for exactly 3 months so I asked them to put on hold for 3 months and I asked them again that I wont be charged a single rupee since it was a full waiver and the person replied positively stating that full waiver of 3 months will be offered and hence they initiated the request.

Hence the days went by and on August 1st I called them again to enquire whether everything went as asked or not.
Listening to which the executive replied that although it was raised on 6th of july, but the hold was initiated on 10th of july which resulted in generation of bill of month of July.

That executive asked me to pay the bill rs 1495 now and that amount will be adjusted when I resume after three months that is in october month I wont have to pay any amount.

And so I paid the amount for that month rs 1495, and asked that is now everything happening smoothly?
To which I was replied positively.

And I was asked to drop a mail when I return in October.
So from 6th of July till 3rd of October I didn’t use any single byte of the internet.

On reaching Indore I asked them via a phone call to resume the connection and adjust the already paid amount of 1495 in the month of october as I was promised.

Then the executive replied that my bill had been generated and only the waiver of first month that is July was offered and which wasn’t even the full waiver, that is as I was promised full 3 months waiver plus adjustment of the bill amount I paid in july onto the resuming month of october, but when I called them they demanded two months(August & September) of bill and gave me a partial waiver for the month of July and also refused in adjusting the already paid amount.

Listening to this I called them almost everyday regarding the issue wasting about 30 min of my time everyday, and getting no resolution, and then they also demanded the bill amount for the month of october also, along with those 3 months of waiver.

And hence deactivating my account.
I’ve wasted much of my time calling almost everyday to tikona care but got no resolution.

And just today two of my friends got a call from +919990206026, a lady claimed to be an advocate and bluffed them that they were using the internet along with me and asked them to pay the bill of 1700, even when none of those friends of mine even share a house with me.

Hence I would like to raise a complaint against Tikona Broadband regarding false information and misleading a customeron false promises of providing a 3 months of complete waiver and adjustmnet of bill in the next month in which they failed completely, as they asked me full two months of bill and refused to adjust the 1495 paid amount.

And also regarding the bluff that was made by the company as they forced my friends to pay the bill by stating that they shared the internet with me, and in reality they even live in the same house as me. Hence blackmailing them to pay against the consumer civil case.

I expect refund of my rs 1495 and an apology from the company for misleading me, by provoding the wrong info and false promises and also for bluffing my friend and so that in future they dont behave like this with anybody else.

Please help!

Aniket Gupta