Scam or fraud: Think & Learn / Byju’s — quit course, seeked advance fee refund | inaction from staff

Submitted by: VivekBalakrishnan

Complaint Details:

Please find below a background:

I had enrolled for the UPSC 2019 weekend batch by making an online transfer of INR 25, 000/- against study materials and tablet on April 5, 2018 as stated by Shivam Singhal (sales person). A tablet with UPSC 2018 memory card was also provided as part of the course.

I started attending classes during mid April and continued for hardly one (1) month excluding leave of absence as the classes were not helpful in any manner.

On June 17, 2018, as per Mr. Aayush’s (course coordinator) request, I shared my bank statement for credit facility amounting to INR 60, 000/- (auto debit) owing to compulsion after which I did not attend classes.

The EMI’s were due to start during 16th August, 2017.

I had a telephonic discussion well in advance expressing my intention to discontinue the course before commencement of EMI with representatives of Byju’s including Mr. Aayush. However, my request was conveniently ignored.

Subsequently, between August and September, 2018, I had several telephonic conversations requesting for cancellation of EMI cycle as I had already discontinued the course. However, the requests were conveniently ignored in spite of escalating the issue to Shivam Singal.

I triggered my first email on September 10, 2018 to Aayush Saxena as umpteen number of telephonic requests between July, 2018 to September, 2018 yielded no results. Subsequently, I also forwarded the mail to Shivam to find that no action was taken (mail trail attached herewith).

Further, Shivam Singhal ignores my calls and has never reverted to me in spite of multiple calls and messages. This is highly unprofessional and not expected from an institution like yours.

Request to cancel the EMI cycle and make a refund of INR 15, 000/- that was deducted in the absence of services being availed, is being ignored and causing mental stress.

All relevant documents can be provided.

Please contact me at +[protected] for clarifications.

Vivek Balakrishnan