Scam or fraud: Tata Docomo — Legal notice for bill generated after service deactivation

Submitted by:  Sghadei

Complaint Details:
I requested for a internet service disconnection (Account Number – 920970368) in the beginning of June 2016 before I shifted from my place. I never quite followed up with Docomo after that. Unfortunately not only did the Docomo take its own sweet time to disconnect they also shamelessly billed me for the period. Now after six months I get a legal notice asking to pay Rs 368 as pending amount and Rs 1000 as cost for the legal notice. All of it in next 4 days else they will be initiating legal proceedings, criminal as well as civil against me. (email attached)

Just because it’s a big company doesn’t mean they flex their muscle, arm twist customers and scare us general public with a legal notice.

1) If a Service disconnection request is raised, then why should customers be billed for even a single day after that ?
2) According to your billing department if at all there was an outstanding amount, how many payment reminders have you emailed me before emailing a legal notice?
3) I am supposed to prepare for an interview for day after tomorrow and take care of my family, who is going to repay me for the mental turmoil and time lost because of your insensitive arrogant legal notice?

I want you guys to investigate the case thoroughly, the number of times I have raised service requests for your poor service for the 1.5 year I used the service.
Please focus on improving your pathetic service before picking and harassing your customers.

I want a email sent to my id (, apologizing for the notice and withdrawing the legal notice.