Scam or fraud: Tanishq — unprofessional staff / rude behaviour

Submitted by:  amrita40279477

Complaint Details:
So my family and my in laws decided to go to Tanishq Andheri West Link Road branch ( Mumbai) to buy jewellery for the big wedding. The date we visited was 19th August 2018. We were 6 family members who were very warmly greeted by Anwar Qureshi. We started to check the marriage rings and upon learning that our budget for the marriage rings were around 25, 000 for the girl and 35, 000 for the guy, all of a sudden the attitude of Mr. Anwar Qureshi changed. We felt like he wasn’t interested to cater to us and also made us feel that we can’t afford to buy expensive stuff. This was very very saddening as we had our parents who are very old now. So after seeing a few rings we decided that I will bring my fiancé the next day and finalise. My fiancé and I went to Tanishq the next day and when we asked for Mr. Anwar Qureshi in front of us he told his junior staff to tell us he’s busy. He was sitting and cracking jokes with some lady staff near the staircase. I was so shocked to see that and I realised that these guys must be having a sales quota which must be giving them better incentives if sale price is more. Makes sense ? I think it does. Anyway, so then another staff ( some junior ) came to us and showed us the rings and we decided the one we want and finally he said ok they will revert back with the quotation. It’s now been 1.5 months and I have heard no call from this junior staff, inspite of calling him atleast 10 times ( once he even said that he is on vacation) he sometimes just ignored our calls and other times gave lame excuses like I will get back to u asap, but never did. So, we went on the opposite side of Tanishq to Malabar and bought a jewellery worth 4.8 lakhs. The reason we landed up buying from Malabar is because of the professionalism they showed. They even called me the day I got married on 18th September to congratulate me. I hope this complaint somehow manages to really take some strict actions against the unprofessional staff at Tanishq Andheri West mumbai branch. You guys are terrible. – my
Name is Amrita Acharya. Email id: