Scam or fraud: State Bank Of India [SBI] — inappropriate behaviour of cashier

Submitted by: surat singh chauhan

Complaint Details:
Mr Abhay Kumar, cashier of SBI anushakti rawatbhata (which is the Rajasthan Atomic Power station, plant site bhanch) (bank branch code no-10652) do not exhibit the decent behaviour while interacting with the visiting account holders (which are the employees of Rajasthan atomic power station, a central public sector enterprises). There are only three officials ( one manager, second cashier and third a female attendant). The bank official which is interacting with the account holder is the cashier, Mr Abhay Kumar. Since all the account holders are the employee of public sector company, so such behavior on the part of bank official is highly objectionable and embarrassing. There is need to train him in the interpersonal skills if not already provided or take the stringent actions if he takes such course of interaction deliberately.