Scam or fraud: Srinivasa Aqua Service, Bangalore — fraudulent service of my water purifier

Submitted by: ManishKanak

Complaint Details:

Please do not take any service from Srinivasa Aqua Service for your Water purifier. I had got AMC for my Kent Grand Plus for last 1 year. Multiple times I raised concern with Srinivasa Aqua Service on defect in my Water purifier. Every time the service guy from Srinivasa Aqua Service changed candle (at my cost, as i was not covered in AMC) and said everything is fine. Today, when the AMC is over, suddenly every part of my water purifier has got spoiled and I need to pay Rs. 7800 to fix my purifier. I am feeling cheat as for last 1 year I was drinking impure water due to fraudulent service of my Water purifier. Please do not take any service from Srinivasa Aqua Service. i do not understand why Kent allow such service companys for their product. Kent is equally responsible for this fraud.