Scam or fraud: Sony India — Pen drive not workinga


Complaint Details:
My TV’s (Sl. No.S015467158m – KLV-32R402A) pen drive port is not working for nearly 2 months.

Yesterday one mechanic from your Mumbai Service Centre came and checked the port. He said that the entire mother board set has to be changed which is costing nearly Rs.6, 000/-. But the Service Centre and the service person refused to give any report in this regard. I said that unless the report is given, I will not give the service charge of Rs.200/-.

The TV was purchased on 21.02.14. It is less than 3 years old. How the pen drive port will be out of order within such shorter duration. The other features of the TV are in order.

Please send one qualified engineer to my house and get the port checked. It appears to be a manufacturing defect. It so, please change the TV itself immediately.