Scam or fraud: — Damaged goods neither replaced nor refunded.

Submitted by:  Gaurav Shrey

Complaint Details:
Nescafe twin set with free mugs vide order no 16808241288 had been placed with Snapdeal which had been delivered in damaged condition. It was reported on 20.11.2016 and Snapdeal opened a sub order no. 21022259221. It was agsin delivered in broken condition on 24.12.2016. This was notified to Snapdeal vide email at on that day itself with photographs. It kept on lingering in the matter despite constant follow up on my part. Today on 21.12.2016 it made a false statement that the replacement had been delivered on 2nd December 2016. It has failed to furnish any proof of the alleged delivery. My question is if it had delivered on 2nd December then why it kept sitting over the matter for 19 days. The false statement is being made to dupe me. It has neither replaced the goods nor refunded the price. On the other hand it had caused me undue loss.