Scam or fraud: Siti Broadband — Fraud payment issue

Submitted by: aryan4meRaviarya

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I RAVI ARYA CONTACT NO : 7503703063, USERID : aryan4me . i made 2 payments on 24/10/2016. icici payment transection no : 265349494, 265354308. of Rs 1034 is debited from my account 2 times. i had called customer care for refund and he told us that they will adjest the payment in next month billing. on 23/11/2016. i recived a massage that payment due. i made call to customer care that i got a massage and she assured me that he received my payment and it will be automatically adjust my previous moth extra payment. but after making so many complains that my connection is not working .
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he arranged 2 times a call back from backend team but he said he will activate my account within 1 hr, 8 hrs or 24 hrs and atlast after 2 days he said that payment not received and thats why u make new payment. and he said that he will refund the previous extra payment in my account. but when i made payment on 24/11/2016 of Rs 1034 transection no 273291861. the customer care said that we dont refund the amount bcoz we dont have refund policy. we have your amount and the next time we surely adjust it. but again the same problem happen. that when asked for adjust and agin they restart the whole story again that giving me new time duration to wait.

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he assured me a call back 2 times but still i did not resolved a single call or person who can resolve my issue. this time i dont make any payment untill he resolve my problem. i have the payment receipt of icici. which customer care said they did not received, and i have the payment received confirmation online also in my online account.. if i did not receive any confirmation from siti officials i make sure i will file the complain in consumer court very soon. bcoz it is the harasment for me i am facing from so many days and not getting any respose from any resposible person.


1 24-11-2016 CR/PAY/DEF/16-17/0000000204590 ONLINEPAYMENT ? 1, 034.00
2 23-10-2016 CR/PAY/DEF/16-17/0000000170652 ONLINEPAYMENT ? 1, 034.00
3 23-10-2016 CR/PAY/DEF/16-17/0000000170624 ONLINEPAYMENT ? 1, 034.00