Scam or fraud: Saraswat Bank – Kudal Branch — refusal to change the currency notes, dispensed through banks atm

Submitted by: vivekdesai66

Complaint Details:
Withdrawn a Cash from Saraswat Bank ATM @ Bhusari Colony, Pune, on Wed-22/Aug/2018. Machine had dispensed few Notes with Color Spots and Ink marked. Being an Account holder of the BANK’s Kudal Branch, requested Cashier at the Banks Kudal Branch – to change the Notes (received from BANKs ATM in Pune). The Cashier had refused to Change the notes with Cross Question – Why did you accept such notes, though they’re dispensed through an ATM machine?… First time come to know that, customer can refuse the dispensed Cash by ATM machine. Really shocking for me. Cashier was unable – rather does not willing to answer my Simple Questions regarding the ATM dispensed Cash. Unexpected response by the Responsible BANK Official…