Scam or fraud: Samsung India — Samsung Refrigerator collapsed but service centre doesn’t help

Submitted by: Jacqueline Fraser Crocker

Complaint Details:
On 23rd of October, the fridge stopped working. I called a Samsung service centre. They advised me to defrost the fridge and clean it a couple of hours later. So, I did and restarted it. But it didn’t cool. On the 25th, Samsung service men came to check the fridge and said that the gas was over. Following which on the 26th, they replaced my gas for Rs 2678/-. It worked but the cooling wasn’t impactful. On the 30th October, it stopped functioning again and I placed a complaint again. Between them and now, people from the service centre have come at least 5 times and nothing has worked. Two of the people we have been consulting this is (Asain – 044 30639100 and Mohana – 044-30639100-1633)

Engineers visited us three different days
1. They came and checked it, concluding that he will send the necessary person for the job.
2. They bought gas and charged the fridge, but said that the gas would not be useful since the gas from the fridge was leaking and would visit again.
3. The service person (P.Krishnamurthy) on 9th November brought another cylinder of gas and tried to fix the fridge again, but also concluded nothing could be done on the challan and that we could inform the higher authorities about this in fixable problem.

On 16th November, I mailed Mona( with the bill and fridge details. Following this, I spoke to the team leader (Bhisanh Kumar), who said he would look into the matter but there was nothing that could be done from his side. The following day, on our follow ups, we were given to understand that we would be given 30% of the MRP of the fridge within 21 days at the latest. Till date, we keep following up from our end with the service centre since we can’t buy a new one or replace or get rid of this old fridge. Multiple occasions have passed where food has been spoiled, we lived through the cyclone with no food stored, we now have festivals coming and we will not be able to store anything.

We keep getting all sorts of false hope. Now that we remind them, they’re indifferent and no longer speak with any understanding or concern which is horrible cause the fridge (RSA2NQP1/XTC) we picked up is one of Samsung’s finest or at least was at that time.