Scam or fraud: Samsung India — defective refrigerator and fraudulent activity by samsung

Submitted by:  bhatia73

Complaint Details:

Dear Sir,
It is with utter dismay, disbelief and shock I am writing this to you against fraudulent activities committed by M/s Samsung.Ltd/ I had purchased 463 lts Samsung double door refrigerator in August 2013 from M/s Kohinoor Electronics, Vashi. The refrigerator was commissioned by Authorised Engineer of M/s Samsung Ltd on 21 Nov 15 for which we had paid Service and visit charges too.

To my great disbelief and dismay, the refrigerator has been a trouble maker from Day 1. It is such a third rate product from Samsung that it is not even worth junk.

We have faced multiple problems multiple times. Every time the mechanic comes and repairs for another problem to start. Most of the times we have lived with the problems as we are fedup of repeated complaints. However, some days back the fridge stopped working. The mechanic who came said gas charging is required.It is very surprising that a 03 yr old refrigerator would require gas charging. Nevertheless we went ahead and got the gas charged. However, after charging the gas again the fridge started to malfunction. On calling the mechanic again, he said that this is a defective piece and this problem can never be resolved.

I tried requesting the Company for permanent repairs/replacement of the defective refrigerator as it has been malfunctioning from day it was installed. Once my mother fell due to constant water leakage from behind the refrigerator. It was sheer luck that she didn’t break her bones and face any serious injury. However, they are refusing to listen. They are taking a poor Consumer for a ride. The constant failures have got my family in tremendous pressure, mental agony and great deal of discomfort. We cant buy a nrw refrigerator as it is very expensive and this one is malfunctioning. The Samsung Engineer has himself said that this is a defective piece and it needs IMMEDIATE REPLACEMENT, however, Company is not listening to poor consumer like us.

The Company has agreed that it is a defective product still they are not ready to do anything.I have spent more than Rs 6000 in last 03 yrs trying to rectify the defects however now the Company is offering me Rs 7155 as they can’t repair a refrigerator which is 03 yrs old. A similr new product will cost me Rs 60, 000. I asked them to repair the refrigerator however they are refusing to do so.

Request for your immediate support here. Please help us.

Warm regards
Rahul Bhatia