Scam or fraud: Rto India — the behavior of the employees

Submitted by: Letsgojeet

Complaint Details:
First of all the ‘HEAD’ of the RTO office argued and misbehaved with me over parking space (I parked my bike at the place where he parks his car, and to be honest there was no kind of notice board written ‘no parking’ or ‘parking space only for the workers’). So it was a genuine mistake that anyone would have made.
And then the computer operators left their desks 8 to 10 minutes prior to lunchtime (I mean I get that they are also human and they were hungry but we have been standing here in this row for like 1 and a half hour now and we will have to stand here for another half hour and wait for our turn. (We are also human, in case you forgot) If they had worked for those 8 minutes more at least three of the persons standing in the line won’t be facing any kind of trouble. Thanks