Scam or fraud: Regus Business Centre , Coimbatore — poor maintainance

Submitted by: vinsen

Complaint Details:

Hi all, Regus Business centre is located on Avinashi road, Coimbatore housing around 30-40 companies. The Centre is very poorly managed in terms of AC maintainance and housekeeping.AC ducts are very rarely cleaned and are cleaned without disinfectants. The result is there are huge number of fungi and bacteria breeding inside the same. Inmates over here are terribly affected by headache, fever and giddiness. The floor is completely carpeted and cleaning the same is done using brooms instead of vaccum cleaners.The result is huge breeding ground for bacteria. Health issues prolong in a number of people. This happens despite huge charges levied by Regus. The housekeeping employees are limited to two to reduce the expenditure…with one person cleaning both toilets as well as utensils…The absence of proper monitoring in respect to health standards is causing the lapses in proper maintainance.We request you to take stringent action in this regard.