Scam or fraud: Quikr — rto service for registering car in bangalore rto

Submitted by: mohittt

Complaint Details:
In mid August 2018, i had done full payment for registering my car in Bangalore RTO from Jaipur RTO.
I had provided all the original documents(RC, road tax receipt, invoice etc, NOC) and it was promised to me that within 20-25 working days, the job will get done.
Now its end of November 2018, and i am still waiting, with no proper response from Pramod and Renuka, in spite of sending so many mails.
This is highly unprofessional behavior. Could you pls ask them to get the work done, or to refund my money (INR 12000) along with all the original documents.
Recently, yet another false commitment was given to me, that by 23 November, i would get a call regarding the date of appointment.
Inspite of sending reminder, no body cared to comeback .
I have done following things till now, and since i didn’t got any proper convincing response, i decided to write directly to you.
1. Mailed Pramod and Renuka several times, but no proper response.
2. Contacted, but no proper reply
2. Tried reaching the quikr facebook page, but again was disappointed (with same usual copy paste messages).
Since many months, i am being fooled by and @Renuka Prasad .