Scam or fraud: Philips India — Regarding HTL6140B soundbar

Submitted by: jaspindersodhi

Complaint Details:
I am to state that I have purchased a soundbar model HTL6140B on 18/21/2016 from
Vijay Sales, Rajouri Garden vide voucher NO.311-DRG12-165DN 207. In this regard I
am to inform you that the product is a defected one. The manufacturing date mentioned
on the product is December 2015. It means the product is already one year old. NO one has come to install the same till date. I have myself installed the product and found that
the subwoofer is already synced with soundbar and power button, source button are also
not working. I am therefore requested to kindly direct Vijay Sales to change my product as early as possible.