Scam or fraud: PayTM Mobile Solutions — Wrong benefits obtained and the complaint gets closed automatically without solution

Submitted by: saurabhgayali

Complaint Details:
Request no: 12432103
I already provided details twice for wrong benefits obtained against wrong info offered by paytm (scrrenshots too) but noone in paytm gives proper answer. They tried to push it to operator (Airtel). I confirmed the issue with them and forwarded reply back to paytm too. But still this complained got automatically closed. earlier too the same matter got closed without proper resolution. Moreover paytm has no higher authority email to complain to. No phone no. The links given for higher authorities on website dont work at all. I am not using paytm since them without utmost urgency. I think more people should know how little care paytm gives. Its not just about 45 rs of me that are gone, its about my time being wasted and frustration against the trust i put on the company.