Scam or fraud: PayTM Mobile Solutions — Bank transfer Transaction & Lack of executives contact details

Submitted by:  chauhan.260413

Complaint Details:
I’ve Transfered an amount of Rs.4000/- by Transaction

Added to Paytm Account
From: Union Bank of India
Paytm Cash Txn ID 4625223401
2016-12-17 01:13:12 PM

& the Request a Return to Bank Transaction
Transferred to Bank
Paytm Cash Txn ID 4625867809
2016-12-17 01:29:11 PM

but the transaction is still showing pending.
The amount has been deducted from bank. & now my fund is blocked in this time of crisis.

There is hardly any direct official contact number mention at site to find the status of my transaction directly with the company peoples for my satisfaction.

Please do kindly suggest the needful.