Scam or fraud: Paynimo / Techprocess Payment Services — Amount debited from the account but payment unsuccessful

Submitted by: pavaki

Complaint Details:

I booked an indane lpg gas cylinder on 14th dec 2016 for the amount 584. I tried to make the payment from the debit card. The payment was unsuccessful, but amount was deducted from my account. So i wanted to get the deducted amount credited to my account.

On 21st dec, i called up paynimo services, i was given a reference id and was told to contact indane!! I got no info from paynimo’s end on the phone call.

Well indane directed me to contact you as their payment services center and you direct me back to them. I was asked to google indane number and direct my problem to them!! Then why was your number given at the first place in the mail from indane? Your customer service was not informative.

I still hope to find some help from your end to get my money credited to my account.