Scam or fraud: Pantaloons Fashion & Retail — Rude behaviour of salesmen

Submitted by:  tanya dua

Complaint Details:
I visited Pantaloons store in unityone mall and as I purchased and came back to pick up my other bags. There was a sound near the security check of the store due to which they asked me to remove my jacket and even the jacket and other stuff which I wore was not from pantaloons but still they asked me to come to try room so that a woman can check me if in case I am carrying something. The behaviour of the salesmen and other staff was so inappropriate as there were other people who also passed the security check and had a sound at their passing. Nobody stopped them and they asked me to come to try room, despite having courtesy to even ask me one whether I want to go and get myself checked or not. They ordered me to come to try room though I was not having anything or carried anything from their store except the purchase I did. It was very rude and inappropriate behaviour, and a clear case of harrasment I would say.
Kindly check into the matter.