Scam or fraud: Oyo Rooms — manager’s harassment misbehaviour no service charged extra

Submitted by:  1sanjana19

Complaint Details:

I, Renuka katiyar, booked this hotel for 6 days as I was on business trip.
Hotel name : OYO 655 Hotel Aundh Retreat
Booking ID’s: DRSO1423, FYDU7364

From the time i checked into this hotel i started facing problems.

Some problems are as follows:

1. As soon i went into the room Tata Sky, TV remotes were not working.

2. No remote for AC. Ac was in really bad condition. I had reach to AC power button and switch it on from there. Initially when I started the AC it was working properly.

3. Lights were not proper. No proper lights in room as well in washroom. tube light in washroom was broken. There was a lamp in the room but without bulb in it.

4. There was a big window in the room they provided. Window with no grills on it. Also the locks for both sides to close that window were broken.

5. No cleanliness. There were hairs in the drawers.

6. Condition of the mini fridge they provided was really bad. When i opened it everything inside was broken. It felt like it was kept there just for name sake nothing else.

Initially i tried reaching out to reception for all problems i was facing. Every time I called the person on reception, he said that he was sending some one to look after. But It never happened.
At last i along with my work colleagues had to go all the way to the reception. There also we had to wait because nobody was there to assist us. This all happened minutes after we checked in and did half of the payment.

At the end we went to hotel manger. We tried talking to him and explained him what problems we were facing from the time we checked in. I expected at least a positive reply from him. But he acted completely opposite. Instead of solving our problems he said following things to us:

1. If you have any problem you can check out right now.

2. For AC remote which was missing from rooms he said “People like you take our AC remotes that’s why we stopped keeping remotes in the rooms”. After requesting a lot he gave one remote.

3. For window locks he said he can’t repair. It will take 2 to 3 days for it to get repair. Also, I have to manage without it only since he didn’t had any other room empty.

Since hotel was not helping finally we came to conclusion that my office colleagues and I will switch the room just for one night because it was already 10 pm in night and we already paid half of the amount. But on that also hotel manager said he not sure about the condition of the AC.

“He said don’t come to me and complaint if AC stopped working at 12 O’Clock mid night. He said he will not do anything and won’t help us.”

So he decided to give me another room which was half of the size of room he gave me initially. That room was small with no proper light. Tube light again was broken.

Then for the final solution we contacted oyo manager because we still had booking for 6 days.
We were on call with oyo person till 2 am in mid night. Person from OYO said that he was sorry for everything and decided to change our hotel for remaining days.
But still we had to pay full charges of the room for one night even after facing that much problems.
What we received from oyo is only sorry for what ever we faced that day nothing else.