Scam or fraud: Non refund

Submitted by: Tanuja Padaliya

Complaint Details:
I paid Rs 219 to airtel for a net data recharge on mobile number at 6:16 pm on 13 December I paid the amount through online banking at the amount was deducted from my SBI bank account

instantly but I did not get the data recharge. Then my husband successfully recharged the same number from his ICICI bank account just a couple of minutes later.

I called the airtel customer care to get my 219 Rs refunded as the recharge had failed but I did not get the amount refunded even after an assurance. Here are the reference numbers of two of the complaints I have registered:QRCHG11213534749 (my first complaint) and CONRC31224055549 (my lastest complaint). When I complained the last time I was told that I would get the refund by 27 December 2016 but I have not got any refund yet. Please refund the amount into my account as soon as possible.


Tanuja Padaliya