Scam or fraud: No refund on ICICI Debit card transaction swiped at Haldiram Planet food Nagpur

Submitted by: Nakul Barai

Complaint Details:
On 16 Dec 2016 I went with family for dinner at Haldirams Planet food located at Utkhana Road. I used my Debit card to pay bill. They swiped my ICICI debit card for 1

I got instant message that money deducted from account however cashier told transaction is not complete as receipt is not generated. They told me that I will get my money back in account and ask to pay cash. I paid cash however till now I haven’t received money back in my account. I have raised service request with ICICI but still no reply. Below is transaction.

I am NRI and how pathetic is our digital payment system where one has to fight for his own money. Still ICICI is most advance but still they lack customer service in this regard. I am still following up with Bank and Haldiram to get money back. 1171 Rs is not any loss for me but I am afraid now to do any big digital transaction in poorly managed banking and digital payment system. In USA if you dont agree with payment then you can file dispute and we will get money refund back in 24 hours. Here you need to wait

days still with no assurance 🙁

16/12/2016 VPS/HALDIRAMS