Scam or fraud: Nilgiris Super Market. — Difference between billed and delivered

Submitted by: Karthick SP

Complaint Details:
Hi, 25 Dec 2016 around 11.45 I have picked and billed kimia dates 500mg, but in bill it was another product.i have experience of buying kimia dates @ 200 in other market. I have also asked the same to get clarification.franchise branch manager was too rude and irresponsibly answer my questions.he is just abusing other sells that not paying tax etc.. I have paid by debit card rs 300 (dates 250+ mushrooms 50).he not ready to take return the bill. And product a manual bill with no tax split.they have no proper accounting in inventory local franchise spoiled the name of nilgiris . I never this brand to my friends and peers. Attached the snap on manual bill.a and again billed mushrooms in system. How do they filing returns poor responsible