Scam or fraud: National Highways Authority Of India [NHAI] — allowing non fast tag vehicle in the tract

Submitted by:  kumar1973

Complaint Details:
Hello to authroised person,
This is to inform or bring to your notice that the boys who are at the TOLL plaza they even donot know that seperate track only for FAST TAG Vehicle. They allow all the vehicle in the same track. Then why should we purchase the fast track stickers. And more over people will never think of adopting fast tag when they are allowed in the same track. In entire Karnataka at all the TOLL PLAZA this is observed. Honestly we get fedup when they do this kind of rules. We our selves think that we are the fools that we have adpoted Fast tag.
Requesting who ever the concerned to address and start passing the message to all toll plaza so that every one in the county will adopt fast tag.