Scam or fraud: — Received a defective product

Submitted by:Yogesh_w

Complaint Details:
Dear Sir/madam,

I had purchased one pair of shoes from myntra company, when I received the oreder the outer packet was properly sealed but when opened the packet I have found that the box was not prooperly packed has normal transparent tape and found yellow stains on shoes which pictures here with I am attaching.

I immediately inform the company and shared all the required documents to them they tols me they will verify te matter and get back to me, I did several follow ups with them they used to say they are investigating the matter.

I called them several times and fianlly they sent one mail where they had mentioned the fault is not from their side as they have done the proper quality checks .

I failed to understand how they can say like that they are indirectly blaming that i have done all the things and dropped the mail to them which is i=unacceptable i have not used the product and the all the tags are proper and kept product as it is.

So I am looking for a help from you as I have not done anything wrong while company is blaming and gave me a defective and used product a nd now refusing to take back the product.

Hope I wil get a help from you and will get a justice from fraud companies