Scam or fraud: — Committment Failed

Submitted by: Vivek Patil LION™

Complaint Details:
I am a regular shopper from Myntra and have not faced any difficulties in past 3 years or so. But for my last 2 orders, Myntra guys have annoyed me like anything. It is all about their deliverability. I had shopped items for my wife and thought that it will be delivered to me in time. Even I got the notification from Myntra that my products are in town and will be delivered by End of the day. When the delivery boy was Out for Delivery, I had tried to check with him that when he is going to deliver the product. I had given Office as my Delivery address and my home is 25 km away from my office so I leave around 5:30 pm IST from Office I had called delivery boy 25 times but he didn’t bother to pick up my call and answer me. I wanted to request him that please deliver me the product before 5:30 pm as it would be convenient for me to leave for home. So i waited in the office till 6:15 pm and then i called the call centre twice.. they obviously had no answer for this. So i esclated the matter and spoke to their Escalation desk. I spoke to Mr Punit and he said he will look into the matter and would update me accordingly. He tried calling the delivery boy but he didn’t pick his call as well. by that time, i had left my office considering that he ruined my surprise and was very upset with the way things went. Mr Punit had called after 30 mins to tell me that he had arranged delivery for tomorrow in first half as per my suggestion. He apologized to me and said it won’t repeat.

Date : 21/12/2016 : I suppose to get one exchanged product but as usual the delivery boy didn’t even bother to deliver me. I spoke to the call centre and there I spoke to Ms Deepika and she understood my case and assured me that she will take care of the things. Deepika tried the delivery boy phone but it was not reachable. I said i want the product before Christmas party otherwise it’s of no use. She said she will make it tomorrow.

Date 22/12/2016 : I got a call from Deepika saying she is still not getting a hold of that delivery boy and hence She can’t assure me of anything. Then, she called me up in the afternoon saying you product is going to get delivered before 5:30 pm. I said ok. Again, the same thing started happening. I called up delivery boy but noone picked up the call. I again had to wait till 6:22 pm to get my product. Finally I got the product. But this time it was some different delivery boy who delivered the product. When I asked this delivery boy that I never knew that you are coming. He said, he is a new joineee and dont know about anything.

Meantime, I called up like 18 times to call centre to see where is the delivery boy. Nandini, Sandeeep and Ramandeep Singh are some names with whom i spoke yesterday regarding my concern. At last Ramandeeep singh manager to speack with me and then I told him everything and said that i want to talk to the Highest Escalation POint. He said he will arrnage the call for today i.e 23/12/2016 11 am. Till now, I am waiting for call.

Some Names Here :

– Mr Punit : Who failed to fulfill his duty and looked into my concern. He did not pay attention to my complaint.

– Call Centre Representatives : Who did not pay attention to my request. Also, some of them disconnected my call. Also, they are not following up my issue

– Sachin Shinde : Delivery boy who annoyed me twice and worked according to his convenience.

– Rahul Waghmare : Delivery Boy who annoyed me as well

– Santosh (New Joinee) – Didn’t had any update regarding my product.

This incident happened in baner Road, Pune.

This is a clear cut case of Mental Harrasment which happened to me. I had paid the full amount and they had no right to harrass me like this. They have zero value for customers. Misleading Customers by sending different Delivery boys.

I hereby asking for compensation and apology.