Scam or fraud: — combo offer

Submitted by: sahibad

Complaint Details:

As a loyal customer of brand Myntra, I want to share my disappointing online shopping experience with you. This is regarding my recent order number:[protected]-8667703

I ordered an item Shakumbhari white color Kurta in a combo offer, along with 2 other items/products. I am attaching the two screenshots which appeared while I searched for it in the search window (see highlighted part of the screenshot). After I placed the order, I see this product listed as one kurta only, which is surprising as combo offer in sets usually would mean kurta+bottoms. It does not say pack of 2 or 1 plus 1 offer (why would I even want to buy 2 pieces of the same product). It says combo offer on what the model is wearing, its common sense. Please correct me if I am wrong but what would you think when you saw it? It is a matching set!!! I recently purchased a Gerua kurta+bottom set under 700 INR from Myntra (check my order history), so this is possible, right??

I spoke to your customer service agent who outright declined there was any offer but I fail to be fooled. Even if there is any technical glitch, this is not my problem. I should get what I was promised and what was advertised on your website. Why did the offer not apply or why was the product mislabeled is not my headache. This is what you should take care of! You can check my records and order history. I went for this white kurta matching with its bottom wear in the EOSS at Myntra and when I am told that there was no such offer, I feel upset and furious.

I want the combo offer to prevail, I don’t know how would you make it happen. I would like the kurta as well as the bottom together in my purchase. If you fail to provide me a satisfactory resolution, I will in the future, definitely move to other shopping websites which provide a seamless shopping experience.

This is the second time I feel this inconvenience. I placed an order number :[protected]-6912801 few weeks back which displayed the incorrect size charts for the two shirts (LaMode and Shaftesbury London) I ordered. Size 38 was 38 only when it arrived and not chest size 46 inches as shown (I wanted size 44 and 46 but your size charts are WRONG!). I ended up exchanging the items, returning original items, waiting for receiving the exchanged item, all of which was nothing but HASSLE and TIME WASTE! I am sick and tired of this process. This is crazy.

Let me also tell you this, I don’t want my money back and don’t want your apology. It is not about money. I can cancel and return and get my money back on Myntra. It is really about doing your job right. Its not like I can just keep the Kurta and be happy with it. It is about the combo offer (the set that I purchased, I want the bottom pant also). Please contact your end merchant and do what is possible from your side. I will definitely Tweet about this issue and screenshot if this is not sorted.

Waiting for your urgent attention and quick resolution.
I logged a complaint to their customer car (Incident number:[protected] and still no one has bothered to contact me since 5 days