Scam or fraud: Municipal Corporation Of Greater Hyderabad — sewage tank stagnated

Submitted by: rvwap1

Complaint Details:
This is Railvihar colony phase 1Near Lingampalli railway station having 151 houses.established 15c years back with less than 400 members Now it is developed with 6000 with multiple story buildings.Th septic tanks for sewage was done for limited people devided by 2 tanks Now one tank is closed for new building and diverted to round about path Second tank out let was connected to canal near by.An aprtment (Ghandhi aprt)compound wall was constructedover the drainage and made cleaning impossible.Ghmc connected the tank with Main rain water drainage which is almost level with tank out let.Newly laid central sewage line done by Ghmc is never usable..Some of the residents connected thier toilet to central line to avoid overflowing .Some residents connected sewage line to rainwater drainage contaminating permisses Now the main Complaint is when ever drainage is overflowing on house fronts drinking water is also mixed with sewage water causing possibilities of all hepatitis A