Scam or fraud: MTS / Sistema Shyam TeleServices [SSTL] — mts bill amount messages or call threatening

Submitted by: sudhanva Vedamurthy

Complaint Details:

I had a MTS post paid connection which I used for 2 to 3 months, and I paid for 2 months which is monthly bill around 499. But the last month I requested to cancel due to its very very low speed and no network, because of that I did not used at all. This issue I raised to MTS customer named Narayan (I believe)
and he agreed that speed is very low taken the request for not to pay. But now they are sending the bill amount is around 2711/ and by making discount of 70% around 998 X 2. I used only connection but they are sending it for 2 connections.

Sir please understand due to very low speed I could not use it for even 1 week but you are sending bill amount for equal 3 to months of bill.

Please resolve this issue asap, I am requesting.

My MTS number is [protected]