Scam or fraud: Morgan Reeds — beware- collected money saying that I cleared the interview and after they are saying I have one more interview which never happened.

Submitted by: v Mohan

Complaint Details:
I was initially contacted from a number [protected]. She said that she will connect to a hiring manager and said he will give you the details regarding the job. The hiring manager gave me the details and said that i had to create a account( which is for lifetime) and costs approximately around 5000rs. He promised 5-8 interviews in a month but i got only one and i got selected in the telephonic interview and after 2 weeks i had only more interview via telephone which was also cleared. He said since you are selected you have to verify documents so you have to pay around around 15900rs. I was concerned but he convinced saying me that the company will offer them more money if i got selected so he is not looking for my money and it is also refundable. And so i paid. After few days i was concerned because both of my interviews were on telephone and i wanted to have a face to face interview so i asked him to arrange. Christoph said that we are only responsible for arranging interviews, how they do in based on company. I said okay fine. He said there was going to be a third interview and then it did not happen. He said the client from the company are busy with other meetings so they cancelled it. They cancelled the interviews everyday and postponed the next day atleast that is what he said. Then i tried to contact the company and i couldn’t reach any of the HR’s because they were asking for the interview mail. When i asked about the mail to Christoph Dsouza he said its confidential and he cannot forward it.. So i’m kinda stuck now.
I will post further if i get the job or if i get the job back. If i don’t then consider it as i was cheated. I have 3+years experience and this is the situation. And for those whose dont have jobs please be carefull.