Scam or fraud: Mobikwik — predatory policies, discretionary actions against customers, no way to contact on call or e-mail

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1. Mobikwik needs to be taught a lesson by taking them to courts and making them to refund money to customers which they cleverly picketed through their discretionary actions in the past

2. They don’t have any means to contact them directly through phone calls or e-mail. One can write to them only on mobile app in HELP section, to which they reply unsatisfactorily. They DO NOT ALLOW CUSTOMERS to send more than one msg while raising in issue in HELP @ Mobikwik Mobile App. If I send a screenshot, I can’t send any further text msg, or if I send a text msg, I can’t send you a screenshot or any other text msg. I have to write this e-mail, as I am not allowed to type any further msg in the mobile app.

3. Mobikwik doesn’t redeem SuperCash of clients deliberately, and then in the end, expire their Supercash. I have had many issues in the past where MobikWik has expired my SuperCash amounting to Rs 3600+ on one occasion and Rs 2500+ on other occasion, thereby saving money at the cost of denying customer to utilize theirs.

4. I can share all the issues in details with proof / screenshots.