Scam or fraud: MIOT Hospitals — icu ward attenders entry

Submitted by: sundarsuba

Complaint Details:

It is much painful and nightmare experience to the attenders of the patients admitted in ICU ward in first floor. The securities are rude ianc denying permission even to the ground floor corridor and wait there, despite showing the pass. Some of the attenders are moving in and out freely without any difficulties even without passes.

Miverover no attenders are allowed to sit even in the corridor in the night, forcing them to evacuate the corridor, hence are forced to stay in nearby hotels.

Heavy disrespect to humanity to the attenders who are already tired and worried about the state of the patients. Please do something to take out the hardship caused and think in lines of the worried humans and arrange someway of accomodating atleast one attender for one patient to know the status of the patients and update relatives and friends.

Hope such a huge hospital like MIOT will probe and help hands in this issue at the earliest.