Scam or fraud: Micromax — Issues with volume up and down and auto data loss

Submitted by:  Priya Verma.

Complaint Details:
I purchased Micromax Q461 on 20/6/2016 at the price of 8, 300 from G.S. Cell Point. After the usage of 2-3 months i found some issues with volume button, touch functions and phone started heating up. I visited the service center they submitted it for 7 days to resolve the issues then they returned the phone and after few days i found the same issue again I again visited the service center they did the same process again and this submitting the phone for days and returning process kept going on for 3 months. I visited the service center frequently still there is no result. Phone is still having the same issue. Even two times for 5-10 days your company took the phone to handle issues but you guys failed to fix the issues.
“”Where should I complain to get the issue-less phone back!!!? “”
And the misbehave of service center people!!!
If you are not able to repair the issues, why don’t you replace the phone ??